for me, STOWED fills the gap too many women have chosen between — work and home life. i see it as the struggle to find balance, maintain purpose and independence. being there for our kids and family while also pursuing a career that is truly enjoyable. sound familiar?

approaching the birthdate of my first child, i was excited about idea of motherhood, and somewhat stoic about the thought of exiting the workforce. then, the big day came.   i was a parent with conflicting emotions running wild.

there was a birth of something more wonderful than words can describe, accompanied with a mourning and loss of my former self. in the beginning, days are full of adapting, amazement and recovery, followed by months of isolation while hardly recognizing my former self (however unbalanced i had been). the proverbial switch was flipped, and i remained completely unbalanced, in a new way.

as a forever changed woman, i wanted a leading role in the day to day responsibilities for my children, but also wanted a career. the never-ending debacle. no doubt, i was looking for more than a hobby or busy work.  i wanted to build something. the vision stretches far.   we can’t wait to share our journey with you – joining us as we grow, learn and evolve. hopefully, my process gives like-minded women a forum for empathy, comradery and inspiration.  

hope you like STOWED pieces!