colette sofas + club chair

prefer to keep your line of sight clear. colette’s low profile doesn’t block your point of view, while seriously complimenting your clean vibe.  a definition of minimal while making a statement is the tough balance artfully achieved here.  colette also knows comfort is not a thing of the past.  fashionable + sink in / never want to get up comfort. done and done.

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  • seat width: 80"
  • overall: 96" x 40" x 23.3" (back only) / 33.5" (with back pillow)
  • seat width: 90"
  • overall: 108" x 40" x 23.3" (back only) / 33.5" (with back pillow)
  • seat width: 102"
  • overall club chair: 34" x 34" x 23.3" (back only) / 33.5" (with back pillow)
  • seat width: 28"
  • seat depth: 20"
  • overall ottoman: 34" x 34" x 18.5"
  • seat height: 18.5"
  • seat depth: 26"
  • arm height: 23.33"

starting at 12 weeks, depending on fabric and color selection.

  • our linen cotton blends come from Belgium are made using the most sustainable methods out there with respect to raw materials. we are proud of the artisanal origins and craftsmanship required to create such insanely gorgeous fabrics. like our linens, our 100% cotton velvets are also all natural.
  • each modular piece is slip covered and is intentionally designed this way to create ease for caring and replacing pieces if necessary.
  • professional or dry cleaning only

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